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Dad jokes

Every now and then my overactive, somewhat quirky brain comes up with spontaneous “Dad jokes”. Family and friends often groan, shaking their heads sadly, or they simply look blank. I think I’ve cracked a great joke 😂 and they just don’t get it! 😕😕
Occasionally however I do prompt a chuckle or sometimes (rarely) uproarious laughter! 😂😂😄😃
I’ve decided to progressively build a collection of these jokes as they come to mind… was that more groans I hear? Well nevermind, I think it’s essential for great (unrecognised) talent to not be lost. 😃😃👍👍

24/06/2016 – Bathroom Humour

I was out at a cafe the other day discussing the subject of relationships with a good friend. After we’d downed a few cups of coffee I needed to go to the “bathroom”. As I opened the door I noticed the typical “Engaged/Free” indicator.

Now for the joke…
“Why do toilets live such anguished, heartbroken lives?”

“Because they’re forever getting engaged but no-one ever makes a long term commitment!!”



Comments on: "Dad Jokes… Hilarious (and pitiable)" (3)

  1. LOL I think you’re a crack up Ian James and its brilliantly wonderful to laugh with you. A really good memory I’m going to copy and keep.

  2. Jill Daines said:

    Hi Ian I recalled this moment with the same feelings of hilarity I had at the time. I tend to get a feeling an intuition, when you begin saying something, that you are about to crack me up. It is so good to be able to enjoy and appreciate another’s sense of humour because it is shared. Jilly

  3. justrodwilldo said:

    Aren’t you a bit old for toilet humour?

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