A journey into openness and honesty… Distilling truths about ourselves, others and life from shared experiences… Learning to live consistently with that truth… Becoming free to be who we truly are…


Ian James
Melbourne, Australia

Bio: My name's Ian and I’m in my early 60's. I’ve been wrestling with life’s struggles and questions for decades. Writing is my passion. Three years ago I was impacted by the concept of being authentic and vulnerable with other people. Since then being real with others about who I am and the issues I face has significantly changed my life, and touched many people along the way. Through this BLOG I want to share the deep issues and questions life throws up at me, and the experiences, thoughts and feelings they lead me through. I want to share the lessons and new insights I gain along the way. My journey is my teacher, along with the wisdom and experience shared by others on their own journeys. My aim is for you too to discover how being authentic and vulnerable can change your life, and set you on the path to experience freedom to be who you really are and the wonder of real, authentic relationships with other people. If you and other readers are able to benefit from what I share, I will be privileged, deeply humbled and very excited to think I can play even a small part in touching other people’s lives.

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