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The Miracle of Joshua William James

Joshua William James,
my second grandson,
born 3pm Tues 1st Sept 2015!

Joshua’s arrival has impacted me profoundly…

I have rarely felt deeper joy in all my life…

I knew being a grandfather would be very special, but I never realized how incredibly special it would be until it happened… Joshua’s arrival has prompted a profound outpouring of love and joy that I have rarely experienced before. Freedom from decades of depression is allowing me to feel joy far more deeply… that is another story.

Every new baby is a miracle… Soaking up the first photos of Joshua literally fills me with awe and wonder… a new person has entered our family…a beautiful, adorable, precious little man!

For the moment Joshua is a completely helpless baby, totally dependent on Rohan and Sheralee for all his needs.
But he is far more than just a baby to be fed, changed, held and adored. He will become a boy, a teenager, a young man, and ultimately a mature, independent man making his own path through life.

The miracle we are witnessing is far more than the arrival of a helpless baby… it is the arrival of another unique human being, whole and complete in himself. Joshua’s future is an open book waiting to be written… we can only wonder what joys and hardships life has in store for him, what paths he will choose to follow, and the powerful impacts he may have on this world.

Joshua’s birth has evoked a miracle in me…

Before Joshua was born he was just a concept in our minds, an exciting event to look forward to… although I’m sure for Rohan and Sheralee, the little person growing and kicking inside her was far more than just a concept!

When I heard the news he had arrived and Rohan’s photos started flowing a miracle happened within me…
I felt a whole new space opening up in my heart just for Joshua… a space instantly filled with a profound love for my new grandson even though I have yet to meet him face to face and hold the little man in my arms.

I have no doubt others close to Rohan and Sheralee, especially family, are experiencing this miracle too… and for Rohan and Sheralee this miracle is multiplied many, many times over!

The profound insight here is we don’t have to ‘make space’ in our hearts for Joshua at the expense of our existing capacity to love others; our hearts automatically expand to fully embrace him! 

A further mystery… 

As I felt my heart open up for Joshua, I felt my love for the rest of my family expand too… Joshua’s arrival reminded me just how precious every member of my family is.

As my heart overflowed with love for Joshua, I especially felt a deep longing to be with Flynn, my first grandson… I longed to give him a big Grandad hug, and let him know yet again he is an immeasurably valuable and lovable person, who I will always love independent of whatever event or choices shape his life… that no matter how many new grandchildren his Grandad has, my love for him will only increase.

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