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Remembering Rosie…


Tomorrow would have been Rosie’s 60th birthday.
It’s not an easy time.

I’m keenly aware that Rosie’s facebook friends will receive a Birthday Reminder notification for her tomorrow. For many this will arrive unexpectedly and cause the grief of losing her to return.

I haven’t yet deactivated Rosie’s account as this would mean we could no longer access it. Rosie’s facebook page is a place where we can still share memories of Rosie and the feelings of joy and grief that come with those memories. It also captures the later years of her life… the tough cancer journey, important events with family and friends, funny life experiences, all wrapped up in her unfailingly positive, joyful approach to life.

Rosie’s page is an invaluable record of how she lived her out life motto…
“Live Well, Die Well”.

In the coming month I will arrange to have Rosie’s account memorialised. This will still allow us to post on her page but we will no longer receive birthday reminders.

This morning I unexpectedly came across Rosie’s address book.
I opened the first page and saw her written instruction at the very top…
A big asterisk tagged with “People to ring… when I reach heaven”.
She had then asterisked and highlighted peoples’ names throughout the address book to ensure I didn’t miss any of them.


It hit me pretty hard… this was one of the contact lists we had put together in the months before she died.

But it also reminded me yet again how much Rosie cared for so many people in so many ways… she wanted to make sure no-one was forgotten when the time came, including those with no access to email or facebook.

I was especially touched by the words “when I reach heaven”… Rosie’s unwavering faith in her God brought her deep joy and security in life. Death for her was not something to fear… it was not the end, but rather the beginning of a whole new life.

It reminded me of the quote she wrote out and stuck in the front of her Notebook…


For Rosie these were not just inspiring words, they were her guide to living life to the full… She indeed made her torch burn as brightly as possible… right to the very end.


Ian James
29th Sept 2016




Comments on: "Remembering Rosie…" (2)

  1. Jill Daines said:

    Thank you Ian for sending me your thoughts and feelings. Another jolt of memories which likely your whole body feels. These times are so tough. I had no one until I met Rosie, then you the same day and it is through you both gorgeous people I have made some wonderful, permanent friends. Rosie was my social advisor, she gave me reassurance and was there with her time. I can see her now, looking up from the dishwasher with steamed up glasses, continuing our conversation as though nothing was untoward. We need these special memories, which have stayed in our minds so meaningfully. Lots of love Jilly xx

  2. Monica Peers said:

    Thats really special Ian. Rosie will never be forgotton to those who had the priviledge of knowing her.

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