A journey into openness and honesty… Distilling truths about ourselves, others and life from shared experiences… Learning to live consistently with that truth… Becoming free to be who we truly are…

I don’t normally share memes… as profound as many are there are far too many on facebook and I suspect most people, like me, just gloss over them.

This one however caught my eye.
Practicing it over recent years has enriched my life…

Experience the world around you

I saw it on a facebook friend’s timeline  (thanks Andrea) and made the following comments…

Great message Andrea… it makes me realize I’m not so crazy when I’m out walking and run my hand over the bark of trees with different textures, scrunch a handful of fresh gum leaves and breathe in the powerful eucalyptus smell, or pick up sticks and stones just to feel them in my hand.
It’s so worthwhile taking time to experience and enjoy the richness of the the world around us. 🙂 ”

I expect that most people’s lives would be enriched by allowing themselves to experience more sensory input.
Sadly our society’s definition of being a mature adult means we have to suppress ‘playing’ and enjoying the world like a child… and we deprive ourselves of so many good things as a result.”

The meme does have a major error in the first line…
Asking God? someone else? life? to give you more time to experience your world is missing the whole point. YOU need to make the choice to spend time experiencing the world around you! There’s no point waiting for someone else to magically give you time to do this. Empower yourself and take the time!

And if you find it means stepping outside your comfort zone be brave and do it. It doesn’t matter what other people think… if they regard you as weird that’s their loss not yours!

Ian JamesIan + dingo


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